When I read about this lens coming out a few months ago, I knew I needed to have it, $350 for an f 1.1 lens can’t pass that up. I’ve see a few reviews coming out from the usual pixel peeping camera gear heads talking about how it’s not as sharp as they would like, but come on it is a $350 f1.1 lens! it’s pretty much only competing with lenses costing north of 2k as much of course it’s not as sharp as a canon 1.2L. But is it sharp enough? yes it is it’s plenty sharp for everything you need. It’s super well made, feels great on the camera, focus is totally smooth, my only quibble and it minor is the aperture ring is pretty stiff, but after a few minutes you get used it and then it’s no big deal. The shots below are shot in a dark club, my dark office, and then some shots of my assistant after a gig on the street, all the shots are taken at f1.1. Go get it, it’s super fun, stop pixel peeping and have fun.



Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 8.40.18 AM_DSC7711 _DSC7713 _DSC7716 _DSC7723 _DSC7724 _DSC7735 _DSC7739 _DSC7745 _DSC7752 _DSC7755 _DSC7764 _DSC7768 _DSC7776 _DSC7780 _DSC7785 _DSC7903  _DSC7919 _DSC7922